G.E. Aviation/ Unison Industries Silver Supplier Award Recipient

Posted by Bracalente on April 25, '16

Unison-Award.jpgBracalente Manufacturing Group has been presented with the 'Silver Supplier Award' by Unison Industries in recognition of our commitment to delivering an unmatched customer experience, precision machining and defect-free products, and on-time shipments. The award also recognizes our participation in Quality AMP events and our dedication to continuous improvement.

Unison Industries, a subsidiary of GE Engine Services, Inc., is a leader in mechanical and electrical systems and components for aircraft engines and airframes. Serving both OEMs and aftermarket customers, the company develops a multitude of products for use in general, commercial, and military markets.

Some of the components manufactured by Unison include piston and turbine engine ignition systems, electrical control systems, panel assemblies, brackets, flex joints, and bellows assemblies. Due to the complexities of these parts and the environments in which they're utilized, attention to detail and the use of high-quality materials during the manufacturing process is essential.

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From Prototype to High Volume: The Bracalente Checklist

Posted by Bracalente on January 4, '16

When faced with a complex engineering or supply chain-related problem, consumers will turn to experts in order to find the very best solutions. At Bracalente, we recognize that supply chain reliability is a necessity for maintaining a successful business. In order to resolve a supply chain issue, we not only take a forward-thinking approach, but we also utilize technical skill, engineering horsepower and critical analysis to actively focus and grow operational success. 

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Manufacturing Day 2015 at Bracalente's Facility

Posted by Bracalente on October 19, '15

Earlier this month, Bracalente proudly celebrated Manufacturing Day on October 2 in efforts to inspire the next generation of manufacturers. With over hundreds of students from nearby schools, we had a great turnout as our participants were eager to learn more about manufacturing through a tour of our facility and hands-on learning sessions. Our attendees gained knowledge of the history of Bracalente as well as a better understanding of the role machinists play in the manufacturing process. 


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Bracalente Is Now ITAR Registered

Posted by Bracalente on September 30, '15

Bracalente has long been a global leader in manufacturing diversity. From our work in the defense, armament and aerospace industries, agriculture, automotive, industrial products and beyond, we have shown the capacity and capability to deliver orders of all sizes all around the world. 

ITARAlong with our other quality standard certifications, we are pleased to announce that with our new ITAR registration, Bracalante will now expand our services to include both military and defense manufacturing.

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Learn About Raw Material Selection in Bracalente’s New eBook

Posted by Bracalente on June 3, '15

Type of metal, as well as plating and coating methods, must all be considered in order for your project to succeed.


Choosing low-cost materials in an effort to save costs is one of the most common mistakes made in designing new products. While it is true that material selection plays an important role in determining the overall cost of a part, making that selection based solely on cost is not advised. In fact, it can lead to part failure and higher costs down the line.

We at Bracalente have decades of experience in custom manufacturing. With our new eBook, The Power of Material Selection: Selecting the Right Material for Your Project, we can share some of the knowledge gained from that experience with you. We want to help you avoid the pitfalls of the material selection process.

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5 Things to Consider When Selecting Raw Material [Infographic]

Posted by Bracalente on April 9, '15

When starting a new project, one of most common issues is trying to reduce costs by choosing low cost materials. Material selection can hinder the development of your project if not chosen properly.


Bracalente Manufacturing Group has years of experience with material selection for contract manufacturing. That is why we have developed an informative infographic to enlighten our readers on what we believe to be the top 5 things to consider when selecting raw material.

At Bracalente, we understand that cost is an important factor in your projects. However, did you know that other major factors besides cost that should be taken into consideration?

View our infographic by clicking here or on the image above!

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3 Benefits of Multinational Companies

Posted by Bracalente on January 28, '15

“Globalization” has long been a buzzword, and has only been gaining steam in today’s increasingly inter-connected world. It is essentially used to refer to growing trade and investment, especially with international businesses and economic integration abroad.


One of the greatest effects of globalization has been the rise of multinational companies. These businesses are typically headquartered in one country, but have a presence in other regions of the world. Manufacturers who have a global presence usually have certain steps of production carried out in various countries, where advantages can be leveraged.

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